We LOVE what we do.

“Thank You…for helping us become…even better!”

The one and only Papaya’s Natural Foods & Cafe is owned and operated by Jessica Leech, who with the help of her three children and fantastic staff are blessed to run the store and cafe in Kapa`a on the east side of the beautiful island of Kaua`i.

“We are individuals, sometimes quirky (sometimes not), from diverse backgrounds working together by learning and sharing to make the world and ourselves even better through natural, organic, non-GMO food and products…  just like you.”

We are here to help!


Eli, Jessica, Sequoia, Zeb




I have loved owning Papaya’s since 1998 because it allows me to help people discover new ways of eating or preparing foods they have no experience with. One of my favorite customers is one that has never stepped inside a natural food store, but they have eliminated something from their diet for health, environmental or ethical reasons and they don’t know where to turn. We show them that you can make small changes without sacrificing everything you are used to.  – Jessica Leech


Papaya’s Passion…

… is to help you become a better you…for yourself, your community and your planet.

We believe in the uniqueness of each other

We believe in gratitude

We believe in growth

We believe in choices

We believe there are no right answers

We believe there is no perfect diet, perfect food, or perfect person

We believe in helping each other

We believe in working together

We believe in challenging ourselves

We believe community is essential

We believe in possibilities

We believe in individuals

We believe everyone deserves good health

We believe everyone has something to contribute

We will never be finished because we will never stop learning

We will listen and not judge

We are here for everyone

We will always ask why and challenge why not

Change is the only real constant